Although it has been half an eternity since my last update, this blog isn’t dead yet. I keep writing talks and essays related to The Bonds of Debt, and it’s likely that I’ll assemble a new collection of essays on indebtedness, solidarity, and futurity sometime soon.

The most recent completed piece is called “Debt and Utopia,” which I presented several times this spring. (Thanks to Barbara Straumann for the invitation to Zurich, Sjoerd van Tuinen for the invitation to Rotterdam, Susan Koushy for the invitation to Urbana-Champaign, and Paul Smith for the invitation to Washington, D.C.) It was published online twice: first at James Livingston’s excellent, and then again at the Verso Books blog. I’m offering the Verso link here because it includes a nice image:

Meanwhile, I contributed an essay to Credo Credit Crisis: Speculations on Faith and Money, edited by Laurent Milesi, Christopher John Müller, and Aidan Tynan. My piece tried to reckon with the “foreclosure of the future” in contemporary media culture, reading Thomas Piketty and Paul Kingsnorth (a strange pair!) to ask why it’s so hard to imagine a change for the better. I could keep rewriting the essay every month with a new cast of characters…

Along with an essay on Kelly Reichardt’s extraordinary film “Wendy and Lucy,” an essay on food politics, and some new stuff on “the commune,” the current work takes a more Utopian approach to the question of indebtedness.

I’ll keep you posted.