Despite appearances to the contrary, I’ve been writing and speaking about debt often in recent months. The parameters of the topic are changing constantly, and my newer work addresses debt and indebtedness (obligation and solidarity) within debates over our so-called future. (One piece connects Thomas Piketty to Paul Kingsnorth, an unlikely pair who were prominently featured–in different sections–on the same day in the New York Times last April.) I’ll post some of that work when it’s ready.

Meanwhile, the talk that began as “Six Ways of Being in Debt” has evolved into something called “Where are you when you’re in debt?” It has been posted at a new web journal called The New Reader, edited by Tom Vandeputte, along with excellent pieces by Tiziana Terranova, Maurizio Lazzarato, and Alberto Toscano.  Later this summer, it will be republished at the web journal Occasion, edited by David Palumbo-Liu, in the distinguished company of Saskia Sassen, Miranda Joseph, Andrew Ross, Bruce Robbins, and others. Between these two collections, you should be able to get a good impression of the current discussions around the politics of debt.