News flash: the global problems of indebtedness are still with us. Protests against the current regime of indebtedness continue to seek new strategies. (The most important development, of course, is Strike Debt.) Activists and scholars have embraced the issue, and the bibliography continues to expand.

I hope to write more about these developments in the future. For the time being, however, I’ve been devoting most of my attention to my other blog:


Nevertheless, I’ve continued to write about debt for various venues. The most recent publication is:

(in German)–2/6567-the-economic-liability-of-debt

(in English)


There have been more reviews of The Bonds of Debt:

—by Bruce Robbins in Dissent Magazine:

—by David Janzen in Mediations, the journal of the Marxist Literary Group:

—by Pablo Castagno in the Marxism and Philosophy Review of Books:


Many thanks to Bruce Robbins, David Janzen and Pablo Costagno.